Monday, 1 June 2009

Important New Off-label Approvals for Flumioxazin now permits multiple low doses

The new SOLAs for the residual and contact-acting herbicide, flumioxazin, available as SumiMax, Digital and Guillotine, in vining peas, carrots, parsnips and bulb onions have been altered to permit multiple low doses. All other conditions of use remain unchanged, but the SOLA numbers have altered.

The new SOLA’s in vining peas, carrots, parsnips and bulb onions were applied for by the Horticultural Development Council (HDC), who subsequently asked CRD (was PSD) to change the limitation of one application per crop to multiple applications, providing the maximum total dose is not exceeded. This request has been granted and will result in more flexible options for growers looking to control various weeds in these crops. There are no other changes in the conditions of use such as timing or harvest intervals.

The SOLA for post-emergence use of flumioxazin in vining peas for the control of volunteer potatoes is now SOLA 1109, 1115 and 1113 of 2009. The SOLA for use of flumioxazin in carrots and parsnips post-emergence for the control of volunteer potatoes is now SOLA 1111, 1112 and 1117 of 2009. The SOLA for bulb onions post-emergence for control of volunteer potatoes and other weeds is now SOLA 1108, 1114 and 1116 of 2009. Growers need to obtain a copy of the notice of approval to use flumioxazin in these crops via the CRD web site or HDC.

SumiMax, Digital and Guillotine are white, non-staining, easy-to-use suspension concentrates containing 300 gms ai/litre of flumioxazin. They are used for the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including charlock, chickweed, cleavers, common poppy, field pansy, fumitory, groundsel, speedwells, mayweed, red deadnettle and Shepherd’s purse, and some grass-weeds.

As is the case for all SOLA’s granted by CRD (PSD), Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd as manufacturer of SumiMax, Digital and Guillotine, and Interfarm as UK distributor, decline any liability in case of crop damage or efficacy enquiries.