Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Precise timing for thinning agent in apples

Apple growers are looking for ways of reducing or eliminating expensive hand thinning so that they can produce the right balance of crop load and fruit size more cost-effectively. There are suitable products such as 6-benzyladenine that will increase the number of single fruits and so thin apples chemically, but they need to be applied precisely within the correct conditions of application.

Pounce on wild-oats with Polecat

With reports of spring-germinating wild-oats showing up in wheat, growers are being advised to plan which fields would need an herbicide application later on this spring, according to Stewart Woodhead, Technical Manager, Interfarm UK Ltd.

“With the economic threshold being just 1 plant every 2 square metres, growers should be prepared to apply a post-emergence herbicide when weed emergence is complete. Spring germination of wild-oats started this spring around the end of March. So there is time for the rest to emerge before applying a contact herbicide, but this year crops are more advanced than normal, with one third of the area at stem extension at the end of March. 

A suite of PGR’s just right for a busy season ahead

It will be a busy season ahead for growth regulation as there are many forward cereal crops with high plant counts. Winter crops were drilled in good conditions, established well in the autumn and they have moved through the growth stages rapidly, to reach the spring well ahead of normal.